Scroll Bar not present cannot scroll up and down through projects

Hello, I hope this message finds you well.

I am a direct report to a business owner and I use Asana quite frequently with him. I am unable to scroll up and down main project screen. I have researched and seen that perhaps you have the ability to fix my specific bug, would you please for mine!

Kind regards

Hi @colleen1 and welcome to the Forum!

Glad to hear you’re working with Asana! Let’s see if we can solve this issue together! Could you please confirm, if you’re having issues scrolling through tasks within a project? or are you referring to the list of projects in your left sidebar?

Also, could you verify if you’re able to reproduce the issue with an incognito window? This would be super useful to help us investigate the issue further.

Looking forward to your reply! Have a great day!

Good Morning,

Thank you kindly for getting back to me.

It seems as though the left scroll bar is not present, also I cannot scroll on the individual projects. My boss was able to I think minimize or blow up the page, and it worked for us one time. I certainly don’t want to ask him again!

Please help!

Kind regards


Is there any chance your display settings may result in edges of the application being cut off? Have you tried making the application window smaller (using the control in the upper right corner) and if so, does the issue persist?

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Hi @colleen1,

Another thought, do you have a mouse scroll wheel (or scroll wheel functionality through a track pad or touch interface) that allows you to scroll when the mouse is hovering over the projects area? I’ve had times where I can’t see the control and it doesn’t seem to want to appear until I use the scroll wheel.

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