Can't move down the project/team list on the left panel



Since yesterday I cannot anymore scroll down the project’s list on the left panel. I see the vertical bar but I can’t select it to move down the list.
In full screen it doesn’t work but it works if I reduce the screen size.
I have actualized my Asana page but no change … I have this issue since I have the falling snow but maybe there is no link …

Do you have any idea ?


Left Sidebar Missing Scrollbar

Using Chrome on Mac?


Using Chrome on a windows PC, it has been working well since many months


And if you change the theme to remove the snow? :sweat_smile:


I thought everyone in France had the snow because we are in winter, but I guess you are right because my colleagues who have selected another theme do not have the snow and do not have the issue. Thank you @Bastien_Siebman I will try another theme tomorrow, but I would lose the snowy mountains :frowning:


It worked? I think I had the snowy theme for a while but snow was not falling anymore and came back… :thinking:


I have just tried and with another theme I don’t even have the vertical bar … then I can’t move doxn the list …


Hi @Julien_RENAUD! Are you able to reproduce the issue from an incognito window? Keep us posted! :slight_smile:


Hi @Marie
I have tried from an incognito window and I still don’t have the bar.

If I reduce the window size then the bar reappears.
But then if I actualize the page the bar disapears again …
Strange …


@Marie If i use the scroll wheel then the bar comes back and I can use it.
But I just need to always have with me a mouse with a scroll wheel to be able to move down the list.


Sorry for the late reply @Julien_RENAUD. It might have been just a small glitch then? If the issue re-surface, please let me know and I’ll escalate it to our engineers!


No problem @Marie
As I said in my previous message, I have found a solution to make the bar appear, but I everytime need to scroll down with a mouse so that the vertical bar appears. If I don’t do that then the bar is not visible, so this is a “small” issue.


I have the same problem and this is incredibly frustrating. I can’t scroll down on the left hand side project bar. There is no scroll bar, its disappeared. I always used to be able to do this. I am using chrome


Ok, I just cleared my cache and browsing history. Logged in and out and again and it came back


Hi @Marie
Several colleagues of me are facing the issue detailed in the discussion above when they are not using a mouse and the scroll button. @Neil_Young has proposed a solution (thank you Neil), but doing so you’re loosing all your saved pages and passwords, and favorites…

What solution do you suggest? is it a bug?


Thanks @Julien_RENAUD, definitely sounds like a bug! I’ve gone ahead and escalated the issue to our Development team. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update!


I use Asana in Google Chrome. I noticed that most of the time, the left sidebar (where Teams and Projects are listed) does not show a vertical scroll bar. This makes it difficult to impossible to see various Teams and Projects. I can sometimes coax the scrollbar to show up by changing the ‘zoom’ level of the view in Chrome, but there are times that doesn’t work either. I know it was “all the rage” to hide the scrollbars, but scrollbars can be essential interface elements.

Does anyone know of a way to get the vertical scrollbar for the left sidebar to be visible and stay that way? Thanks!


I frequently have the same issue, and I already opened a topic a few weeks ago, see there:


Thanks Julien. Sounds like an issue/bug that has been around for awhile (at least since Jan 2018). It would be nice to get an update from Asana on how things are going with getting it resolved?


Hi @Marie
This topic should be merged to the following one:

Do you have any update from the dev team?

Thank you