Screen freezes when trying to view tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When I try to see the tasks from lists or the calendar, the screen freezes and eventually a message appear that says the page is unresponsive and I can try again or quit. If I try again, I get the same message. I if I say don’t try again I get a new screen saying something went wrong.

Steps to reproduce: This has been happening since 29 November

Browser version: Chrome version 87.0.4280.88 and I am using a MacBook Air

Upload screenshots below:

Just wondering, how many tabs are there in your browser and do you have any extensions installed?

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To build on top of Leonarce answer, you should start by trying Incognito Mode. If it does work, then an extension might be messing with Asana. Disable them one by one to find the guilty one!

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Hi @Admin19, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and sorry for the trouble here!

Adding to what @Bastien_Siebman and @Leonarce mentioned, the steps in this article usually solve this type of issues:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@Leonarce, @Bastien_Siebman and Emily_Roman, thank you for your help. It turns out it was an extension that was messing with Asana. Appreciate the help.


Glad you sorted it out

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