Save View in My tasks

Currently in projects the user can create a custom view (Filter, Group, Sort) and “Save as a new tab”. It would also be nice to have this feature on the My tasks page to be able to quickly switch between different views.

For example, I frequently need to flip between my current tasks and completed tasks. But how I need to view that information is very different, requiring me to change the Filter, Group by, and Sort options each time I switch back and forth.

Being able to save the Filter, Group and Sort options as different tabs along the top of the My tasks page would be a huge time saver.


You can easily get it by creating a rule moving any task assigned to you into a project, and then use that behaviour there :+1: I know this is only a workaround but it is pretty decent. I believe it requires a Business/Advanced plan though.

The current configuration of My Task seems to automatically remember the last setting, but it would be nice if we could occasionally choose multiple views, like in a project.

In the past, here are the suggestions.

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I would really love this feature!

I would love to be able to save different “tabs” in My Tasks that same way that I can save different views on projects.

@Eli_Arbreton - I merged your post with an existing topic on this. Hopefully Asana considers this in the future

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Just want to chime in with my support for this. Sometimes I want to find tasks that are overdue, or just today, or other specific criteria. I can change the filters as needed but as said above it would be nice to have saved views to change them quickly.