'Save Layout as Default' option for 'My Tasks' view in addition to having this option for individual projects

It would be great to have the option to save a default view under ‘My Tasks’ like the Project Board option to ‘Save Layout as Default’. I’d like to keep individual project sections collapsed as the default OR have the ‘No Project’ section default to the top of the ‘Later’ section. I don’t assign due dates until the week I start working on a project, so I have a LOT of ‘Later’ tasks saved under different project sections (easily 100+). I often use the email → asana task hack and I really hate having to scroll allllll the way to the bottom of my tasks page in order to find the new tasks and assign them to a project board.

**I couldn’t find another topic about this option specifically for the ‘My Tasks’ view, so I created a new one. If there was another topic already created, please feel free to merge!

They’re working on new version of My Task. Hopefully it will be rolled out soon.