Same task showing up multiple times

Under Recently Assigned, I am seeing the same task repeated several times, near doubling the actual tasks assigned to me. For example, I could create a task that says “Call HR” but it may show up twice as 2 separate tasks even though the information for both is the same. Any idea how to correct this?

Is it a recurring task?

Or are subtasks involved?

Are they all in same project?

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Another question: when you open one and the other do you see the same address in the browser/same id?

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The browser address is different

They are all recurring tasks

Please share a screenshot, sometimes there are little clues that will help us debug.

Then those are different tasks.

You’ll see in the image, the same task with the same due date (and information within Details) is repeated multiple times. It makes Asana not very useful. If I was to Complete one task, the other will remain. Not sure if I am looking at duplicated tasks, which I didn’t purposefully create

I think @Stephanie_Oberg, called it originally.

@anon19403968, you may recurring date subtasks. Perhaps they’re within a recurring date parent task. That’s a no-no because it leads to the creation of many unexpected tasks. Nothing in Asana prevents you from creating this problem, but you should rectify it by either not having recurring dates at the parent level or not having recurring dates in the subtasks if you do.

Hope that helps,


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Here’s the same issue: Tasks duplicating when set on recurring - #3 by lpb


Wow, @Stephanie_Oberg, totally forgot that “recurring” thread :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much, this has been very helpful!


So that was a recurring task with recurring subtasks? I call it “recurring hell” :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

I have the same issue but it happens even if the parent task is not recurring. The recurring subtasks are showing up multiple times.

You have several recurring subtasks, or one recurring and a bunch of completed ones?

I have several subtasks. Some are recurring and some are not. Some are completed (the ones that don’t recur weekly forever) and some are not. I believe the main problem is with recurring subtasks that repeat forever.


I have the same issue of reoccurring tasks but not in all projects, what is the process of fixing the problem?
Thank you

Some things that might help:

  • Check the URLs, see if what look to be unwanted duplication is actually different tasks or subtasks (i.e. the task name is identical but it has a different URL).

  • Check for recurring subtasks within a recurring task. (shudder)

  • Check for possible involvement of multi-homing and remove that.

The above may help, but I do recall at least one instance where I had to give up, delete, and recreate a new task to replace the old malfunctioning one. (Data corruption maybe?)

Thank you for the information. I am wondering what the recurring feature would work for and what to do for things that do recur weekly or biweekly.