Tasks duplicating when set on recurring

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Many times, when I create recurring task, it duplicates itself, even when I mark it as complete. I’ve reported this to Asana twice before and keep being told to delete it and start over. Which I have done, but this continues to happen and I am not sure why… For the task screenshot below, I went through and marked ALL of them complete yesterday. And now they’re back.

Steps to reproduce: Not sure…

Browser version: Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

I’ve seen that too! Was never able to establish steps to reproduce.


In case you might not have known / haven’t tried this yet…

Just prior to when you mark the task complete, does the due date have this little circle-with-arrows icon?


If so, marking complete is supposed to create a duplicate–the recurrence. To prevent, first click the date, change Repeats to Never, then click Done. Now when you mark complete it won’t duplicate anymore.


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I’ve found out a bit more. Please note that Jason’s example “Send outstanding…” is actually a subtask. It’s easy to replicate the behavior of multiple occurrences of a recurring task, all with the same due date. See below, where I set up a recurring task that contains a recurring subtask. The single defined subtask has become 3 subtasks within the main task, and occurrences spawn pretty wildly whenever the Complete box is checked. I don’t know what Asana intended here, but I’d say, just don’t embed recurring subtasks unless you can live with the behavior.

Glad it’s not just me! Yes, it was a recurring sub-task in a recurring main task. I will definitely avoid it in the future.

From How to complete task fields | Product guide • Asana

If you set a parent task to repeat, do not set any of its subtasks to repeat as well. Doing so will result in the recurring subtask to duplicate exponentially.

There are a number of posts about this too.

I wasn’t aware from the initial request that it was a repeating subtask or a repeating task. The only recourse is to avoid this scenario.


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I have most of our Asana Projects populated with re-occurring tasks having no subtasks assigned. Most of the Projects with re-occurring tasks do not create multiple duplicated tasks. A few Projects, all with re-occurring tasks with no sub-tasks will auto-duplicate the parent tasks, and not as re-occurring, causing me to manually delete these orphan duplicate tasks. Do you have any suggestions? I cannot get a response from Asana, even when I supply them with the web link to the Project that has the multiple duplicates of the re-occurring tasks. Thank you for any help you or others can provide.

Could you provide a screenshot that show the unwanted recurrences? Sometimes there are little clues that can help us debug.