Rules within Projects

We have a rule in a project, set to send a message via Gmail when a field is changed. That works great.

However, are we able to get the name of the Task within that project to show on the email? Right now it just gives a link to the project and the person receiving the email has to click into the link to see the task in question. I’ve searched and looked and don’t see any information. Thank you!

Hi @Katie_Miller3

Unfortunately, this is not natively possible with Asana (the email will only include a link).

However, there are other solutions :

  1. I’d recommend the great Asana 3rd party tool Flowsana that you can configure directly in the rules (in the category “External Action” - please see screenshots


As you can see, you can create an email body, as well as use variables (more info)
In this example, Requester is a custom field.

@Phil_Seeman is the founder of Flowsana and can correct if I’m wrong :wink:

  1. Zapier integration would also work (but more generically)

Thanks, @Arthur_BEGOU, that was exactly right regarding Flowsana!

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