Variable in Rules when sending email?

Hi I want Asana to send me an email if a task is overdue. I know how to setup a Rule to do this but can’t figure out how to do include variables. For example, if task XYZ is overdue, I’d like a Rule to be setup so that an email goes out with the subject “Task XYZ is overdue”. How would I do that? I’ve tried " Task {} is overdue" but that does not seem to work. Thanks!

Welcome, @Richard_B_Saunders,

For your rule action, are you doing GMail send an email or Flowsana send an email?

If GMail, variables are not (yet) permitted in that rule action (though some other rule actions permit variables).

If Flowsana, then I’ll let @Phil_Seeman reply.



Thanks! Yes, I am using Gmail to send the email. Is there another provider that I can use that has variables?

I have it working using Flowsana but I need to pay monthly for their service. It’ll be much better if I didn’t have to use them. Thanks!

You could use something like or but that will be harder than Flowsana to set up. I’m not aware of another easier approach than Flowsana for this.

We have created a tool called Nestor, it will be available within Asana directly, through rule as well as directly through a button. You’ll be able to define email templates. We have been using it for the past 12 months ourselves, this is a game changer for us. Email me at so I can share details! (the tool will be publicly released soon)

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FYI @Richard_B_Saunders, if you use Flowsana, the variable syntax you tried is exactly the correct syntax for our Variable Substitution! You can see more about Flowsana variables here.

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It seems very strange to me that Gmail’s “Send email” rule doesn’t allow placeholders in the various fields.

Couldn’t it be added directly into Asana? Custom rules are one of the most important features that would push us to do the Advanced plan.

is this public yet?

Not publicly available but out of beta, used daily by ourselves and another client.

Any chance we could use this tool?

Hi @Simon_Logé,

FYI just in case you haven’t seen it, you can send a custom email, including many variables, directly from the Asana rule builder via our Flowsana external rule action:


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