More rule actions that support variables

I’m new to Asana, and I was glad to see that variables could be used to make rules substantially more dynamic :heart: , but then I saw that variables can only be used in Add comment, Set assignee, Create task, Create subtask, and Create approval :scream:

Are there any plans on expanding the rule actions in which variables can be used? For instance, I want to create a rule that sends an email, in which the email body is dynamically generated with variables. As far as I can tell, such a workflow is currently not possible.

I would also like the email recipient to be dynamically set by a variable (e.g., the email of task creator), but it appears that this is not possible.


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Hi @Nick_Youngblut,

FYI both of those requests (variables within the email body and recipient determined by the value in a custom field) are available in the Send an email rule action in our Flowsana integration.


Thanks @Phil_Seeman for the suggestion.
I don’t see why Asana itself doesn’t include what seems to be basic features for making rules in Asana substantially more dynamic.
I’m instead trying to set up Asana webhooks for my task, which introduces a large amount of complexity.

YES!!! I came here to request exactly this! I desperately need this. I want the subject to mirror the task name and the body of the email to mirror the task description.

@Phil_Seeman, What are the chances of flowsana developing the ability to set the subject as the task name (the task that triggered the rule sending the email) and the email body containing the task description? Is this something that seems possible at flowsana’s end?

You can accomplish this task with webhooks, but it is a lot of development.

You can definitely do this now with Flowsana, using our Variable Substitution capability; for example:

Amazing. Sold. I’ll sign up tomorrow! Thanks @Phil_Seeman. And thanks @Nick_Youngblut for the input - good luck in your projects.

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Well it almost got me there @Phil_Seeman but setting it up with the flowsana app instead of the gmail app means I can control the subject and body of the email but I can no longer set a ‘replies to’ address.

Yes; I can’t predict exactly when but that option is coming (along with the ability to customize the “From” display name).

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Well that’s good news that this is in the pipeline. Those two functions would complete the workflow I’m trying to set up and can be applied to various tasks in the business.