Flowsana Asana Rules→ Send an email notification is broken?

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

I’ve been attempting to create a rule that sends me an email notification when a task is due using “Due date is approaching” and setting it to “0 minutes” and nothing seems to be happening.

I’ve tested the rule by simplifying it to “Task marked complete” and still nothing.

I know this is a FLOWSANA rule, but I can’t seem to get this to work.

What I’m attempting to do is:

  1. When a task is due
  2. Send a custom field email to a specified email address

ping @Phil_Seeman Flowsana creator.

Hi @Beau_Haan,

I see that you subscribed to Flowsana yesterday. It seems that (I think related to your having a number of expired trials in the past) the billing system got confused on your new subscription and didn’t properly reactivate your account. That’s why no rules were running.

I’ve just fixed things up so your Flowsana account is now active, so please try the rules again - they should work now! Sorry for that confusion.

Do keep in mind that if you’re using the Asana date-based rule triggers, they’re only evaluated once per day, around midnight your time. If you need a date-based rule to be evaluated immediately when you change a date, you can build the rule in the Flowsana web portal, as Flowsana’s date-based trigger conditions are evaluated immediately on a date change, in addition to also being evaluated daily at around midnight.

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You’re amazing! I actually figured out another way of doing the same thing, but I so appreciate your quick responses. Also, was reading through the Asana forums last night and you are such a huge part of the success of this community! :+1:t3:

Just to confirm, if I am on the Asana Business plan, the Rules available from Flowsana are available to use without the monthly Flowsana subscription, correct?

Thanks, again!

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No, using Flowsana requires an active subscription whether you’re creating rules via the Asana rule builder or creating rules and other workflows via the Flowsana web portal.

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