Rules, triggers and actions


Is there are place where I can get an overview of rules triggers and actions, when I haven´t bought the right tier.

It seems to be one the key reasons to buy Asana, but it´s really well hidden. Have looked everywhere :slight_smile:

Hello @Per1 and welcome to the Forum!

The very last part of this post shows a subset of Rules available with a Premium license: Using Rules in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

The Custom Rule Builder is available with a Business or Enterprise license. I’ll include a screenshot of the triggers and actions available today.

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Above are the Triggers. Notice that “Priority” and “Progress” are simply the Custom Fields that I currently have mapped to the project I used to provide this example.

Above are the Actions that can be taken.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks alot @LEGGO

It there any way to adding standardized subtasks to a task either when creating the task / submitting a form or when moving it to a new section.

@Per1 not currently, but there are external tools like Flowsana that provide this feature. Take a look at this post: Is there a way to have rules automatically generate subtasks?


FYI I am working on a post, with the help of @Phil_Seeman, to list all the triggers and all the actions from Asana Premium, Asana Business, Zapier and Flowsana cc @lpb @Julien_RENAUD