Rules to assign non-specified contributor when task progress changes


I want to set a Rule so that When Progress changed → Assign task to the person who moved the task.
So far, I could only find how to assign it to a pre-determined person, which I don’t want to do.

I there a way to automatically assign the task to whomever changed its progress status?


This feature does not currently exist, sorry.

Hello @Sara_Garabedian,

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As Bastien mentioned, this feature is not available. You can however agree internally with your team on a convention, something like:

If you change the task status, please assign the task to yourself.

If someone has changed the task status and has forgotten to assign the task to himself, then the next who notices the change should assign the task.

Some tips that might help:

  • In the task activity feed, you can always see who last modified the tasks.
  • Using the shortcut “Tab + M” people can quickly assign the task to themselves.


Building on what Rosario mentioned you could also create a rule so that when the status is changed a comment is added. Then within that comment you could mention something about assigning the tasks to themselves. Again it does not fix the root cause but it should help drive your process for individuals to follow.

Hi Rosario,

Thank you for the tip; that’s what I’m trying, but I’d rather automate it!

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for trying to help; you’re absolutely right: it’s a way to remind people automatically, however, that doesn’t solve the issue.

I’m lucky to be in a team that’s small enough so I can remind them without having to create a comment, but for larger (or more widespread) teams, that’s a great way to compensate.

Thank you!

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