Rules that run on subtasks and only on subtasks

As it is you can have rules run on “Tasks” or on “Tasks and subtasks”.

I would find it useful if you could select a third option: run on subtasks.

Simple use case 1: I manually add an icon to every subtask to distinguish between tasks and subtasks in “My Task” view.

Simple use case 2: When a subtask is added, multi-home it in another project.

Or maybe there is already a solution for this?


Yes it would be amazing! Upvoting (make sure to upvote yourself)

This would be amazing!

Currently I am using a custom field that is only applied to subtasks added to the project to make this happen, but it’s still a pain (although better than before) for my particular use case & I don’t love the work around.

Well, one solution is to use our Flowsana integration which supports running rules only on subtasks.

I did not know this. Thank you.
But I would rather be able to add this rule at the My Tasks level, instead of every project.

FYI you can do this with Flowsana using its web portal - just select your “My Tasks” from the selection list when choosing the project to workflow-enable.

When creating rules, the current dropdown available is for:

  • Runs on Tasks
  • Runs on Tasks and Subtasks

I would like a third option here for: Runs on Subtasks


  • Easy Kanban Planning with subtasks used for prioritization instead of parent tasks
  • Increased content creation workflow productivity