Rules Randomly Paused

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In only one of my projects, a select few rules keep getting paused for an unknown reason. I set the rule back to Active but it gets paused again somehow. For example, I set a rule back to active at 9:30 am this morning, and a new task was created at 10 am but the rule paused already.

Steps to reproduce:
Submit task to this specific project. Screenshot attached shows one rule being paused immediately after a task submission was complete. Screenshot also shows one rule gets paused while the other correctly remains active.

Browser version:

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Asana Business
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We are having this same issue!


Christina and I worked on this a little together, some information to add.

The rule was created with the original rule builder, when we recreated the rule with the new builder it worked.

Could that have something to do with the issue?


Hi @Christina_Palugod, we had an incident announced in our Asana Status page earlier today, but it should be resolved now. Could you confirm if you are still experiencing this issue? Just to confirm if these issues were related. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Emily_Roman, I can confirm I am still having this issue. This issue started last week, Thursday was the first day I had to start activating rules again.

Hi everyone, sorry for the trouble and delay. It looks like this potential bug would need to be investigated by our Support team directly, since it would require access to rule ID’s and account details. Can you please reach out to our Support team and share the URL links of the projects where these rules are pausing?

To contact our Support team, please go to > click the chatbot icon at the bottom right > type in “talk to an agent”.

Thank you!

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