Rules assigning users are paused on projects created from templates.

All the rules to assign users are paused in projects created from templates. Unless someone manually opens each and every such rule and un-pauses them one at a time, the automation never runs (meaning the project just sits there doing nothing until someone–probably an angry client–notices the project is behind schedule).

I’m sure this will be dismissed as an “expected behavior,” but if it is, it should seriously be reconsidered as it adds unnecessary and tedious manual steps to the project creation process.

Steps to reproduce: Create a template with rules that assign users when triggered. Create a project with said template. All assignment rules will be paused.

Browser version: Chrome

Hi @RichardR, thanks for flagging this.

I have just tested this on my end and the Rule is not paused. Can you please confirm if the Rules are paused in the template, or active? A screenshot confirming this would be helpful.

We are experiencing this rule issue as well. I have opened a support ticket and submitted supporting photos.

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Yes, we are seeing this, as well. I have spoken with a training facilitator about it, and when it stumped them, I reached out to Meeting with them tomorrow. The issue has brought us to a bit of a standstill, so I’m hoping for quick resolution!

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They’re active in the template. They show up paused in the project for everyone but the person creating it.


Any updates on this? We are experiencing this issue as well.

Hi folks, quick update!

Our Engineering team have confirmed that they are working on this as a high priority. I hope to have an update soon.

Good news folks :tada: This issue should now be resolved! Please let me know if you’re still running into this and I’ll take another look :slight_smile:

Thanks Rebecca for your assistance. We did some testing and everything works great!

Best regards,


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