When Creating a Project from a Template, All Rules Default to "Paused"

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

When using a template to create a project, all rules from the template are marked “Paused” on the new project. They have to be manually marked active one at a time after the new project is created. Additionally, since these particular rules use a custom field trigger to assign/multi-home tasks to a different project, the automation never actually runs.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a project template with rules that assign tasks to a different project when triggered by certain custom fields.
  2. Create a new project using this template. All rules will be paused.

Browser version: Firefox

Upload screenshots below:
template vs new project

Hi @Emma_Ramirez , welcome to the forum :smiley:

The issue sounds like it has to do with the relationship between the rule creator and the template owner and members when a new project is created.

In each rule’s setting (top right of each rule’s editor, the 3-dot menu) make sure that ‘only you can edit this rule’ is WITHOUT a checkmark.

This should allow the rules to be adopted by the new project owner and therefore should not pause them.

Try it out and let me know if this issue still persists!

PS: you can read more about a similar issue here: Include rules owned as part of deprovisionning a profile - #8 by Emily_Roman

Hello Richard. Have the setting as "‘only you can edit this rule’ is WITHOUT a checkmark but I am having the same issue.

Hi @umbrellaholdings , this is strange.
Can you check in the template settings that the rule creator is also a project member? (i.e in the template editor’s list view, not the members who have access permissions to the template itself)
See if that helps…

Hi Richard, I am the rule creator and I am also a project member/project owner. I have attached a screenshot for your review as well. The first member is myself with permission to Edit and the second member with edit permissions is the project member.

Hi @umbrellaholdings , I ran some tests and could only (sort of) recreate this issue/bug by using a ‘Guest’ account as the template owner, but even then, the rules simply don’t run even though they say they are active - that is another story though and a problematic bug which I will report separately.

In your case, can you confirm:

  1. that you are the person who created the template in the first place (template creator, not the current owner)
  2. whether there are any guest accounts involved; either a guest created the template or created a project from this template?
  3. the current template owner is either you or another org ‘Member’?

Hi @Richard_Sather , I checked the project template and I was added as a Member to it. I couldn’t locate the option to make myself the template owner. The screenshot I created earlier has two members added - myself and my support staff. Please let me know how I can make myself the template owner. FYI, I am the one who created these templates though.

@umbrellaholdings , try setting the template owner to yourself and see if that fixes the problem.
Go to the Template settings, under the Template Access section.
Check the guide article and snip below:

If that does not solve it, then I recommend you rebuild this problematic template. i.e:

  1. Use the template to create a new project
  2. Make sure the rules are working in this project
  3. From the project’s action menu, choose Save as Template
  4. Use this new template to create a new project to see if the problem persists
  5. Delete the old template

If you have many projects with this problem (which is not expected behaviour) I suggest you contact the Asana support team to have a look:

Thanks for your help @Richard_Sather . It seems I will have to contact support because the option to make myself the project owner doesn’t even show up.

I assume you mean ‘template owner’. The only way you cannot set the template owner is if that you have ‘use’ rights to the template, not ‘edit’ rights - but that would also mean you cannot even access the Template Settings. You previously mentioned that you created the template - are you sure or was it another user that perhaps has since been removed from the organisation? Sorry for the questions but this is really strange.

Btw, did you try to rebuild your template?