Rules for Portfolios or Projects

I would just like to also express that Rules for Portfolio’s would be a huge addition to Asana. The fact that we can use custom fields in Portfolios is clearly logic for the countless ways to use Rules in Portfolios.

Any updates on when this may be in the works?


HUGE need here. For example, I’d love to set a certain project to a specific business unit, then have that project appear under that Business Unit’s portfolio. Or, I would love to change the owner of a project and then that project appear under that owner’s portfolio.

@Francis_Mallari this is not possible with current Asana features but I have a code that does this and can run every day to sync projects and portfolios (you can email me at to discuss details)

This is a must especially when you’re dealing with content creation and as an organization you’re creating 5-10 projects daily. It’s almost impossible to have a realtime Workload portfolio because someone has to go through and make sure that every project has been added to the Workload portfolio. If a rule feature could be added to force every new project created it automatically gets added to a specific portfolio. We call ours WORKLOAD!

Plus one for needing this - would love to have rules to add projects to portfolios or a choice at project creation to add to portfolios.

Please add rules for Portfolios. As it stands it’s a headache for the team to always remember to add every project to a portfolio.

Hi @marie! Plus one for this one. This is coming up because we have a portfolio for all active engineering projects as our source of truth. However, teams want to have additional views of those projects in their own portfolio. Imagine “Active eng projects needing security review.” The challenge is that their portfolios won’t be synced up when projects are added or removed. We essentially want to be able to set up rules to multi-home projects into multiple portfolios. This is one of many types of small features that become very painful as our company grows.

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Maybe in the short term you could make API available for integrations with Zapier to adjust project placement in certain teams and portfolios. The only thing you have now is task and project level.

Zapier owns their Asana integration, so Zapier would have to make that enhancement on their side.

Scenario: I want to organize my active projects in a portfolio, and when a project is complete I want it to move to my “Archive” portfolio.

It would be great to be able to automate this through a project-based workflow that says, “if project status = complete, move project to X portfolio”. As I understand it, workflows are only task and section-based right now.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Melissa_Lee! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve merged your post with Rules for Portfolios or Projects to consolidate feedback. Hopefully we can implement this in the future!

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