Rules for Portfolios or Projects

Bumping this as Rules / Automation for the Portfolio level is absolutely needed.


My institution would also like rules that move projects into particular portfolio based on the project’s field values. For example, we’d like newly created projects to move into a portfolio of work based on the owner, such as “FY24 Carolyn”. We’d also like “completed” status projects to move into an archival portfolio.

Rules in portfolios would be awesome :unicorn:


Rules in portfolios would be REALLY helpful!

I would like to bring that back to discussion, rules in portfolios will be very helpful for us and will avoid a lot of manual work


Please +1 to this feature request in order to have all votes in 1 place


Rules in portfolios would be AMAZING! We use portfolios to track our incoming quotes. We have to manually remember to set due dates. A rule for due dates on projects added to the portfolio would be so helpful

Any idea on the timeline of introducing rules in portfolios?

Please add Rules to Portfolios!

To be honest, Asana has their priorities somewhat upside down and I don’t mean that in an insulting way.

The major weakness my company has suffered from in Asana is that the higher-level options (Portfolios, Teams, Projects) are LESS useful than their lower-level options (tasks and subtasks). There are fewer features available for them.

This is reverse from what we, as a company, need. I need to be able to add tags to a project, set rules in a Portfolio so that Projects can have some automation (especially using the custom fields!).

I need Task Due dates and Subtask due dates to be subservient to the higher level due dates. Those are all requests for a different discussion, but suffice it to say that all these higher-order organizational categories like Portfolios should not have LESS features than tasks or subtasks, they should have just as many, if not more.


Asana tackled the “bottom of the pyramid” right away with tasks and projects. We now see them slowly going up the pyramid with more and more on portfolios and goals. I am hopeful this could be coming :pray:

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Yes! We’re trying to move from Trello to Asana but our biggest hangup is that Asana tells you what should be happening, not what is actually happening. For instance:

If I have a deadline for a task, but my project is still with client for review, I can’t identify that at the project level so it looks like my task is overdue. I created a custom field for “Creative Status” but if I set that at the task level, it doesn’t appear at the project level (and vice versa)

At the very least, PLEASE let us change the project status options.

I’m echoing the voice of many before me; would love to see rules added on the Portfolio/Projects level.


Need this option badly. Projects should have the flexibility just the way tasks have. Moving projects automatically by rules, giving them tags/labels automatically with workflows etc.


As the project manager for our team, having workflows in PORTFOLIOS to run on projects to move them around, categorize them, etc would be IMMENSELY VALUABLE! :slight_smile: :star2:


Hi @dakotajthomaswilhelm , welcome to the forum :wave:

I agree this would be very useful and it seems to be the logical next step to be applied to Portfolios.

Hoping the Asana team will add this soon :pray:


Big ‘yes’ for this. Use case:

When moved to portfolio > update project owner
When moved to portfolio > update team roles
When moved to portfolio > add custom field/s

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Hello! Rules on portfolios would be great. Any update on if this will be added?

Hi @Jessica_Vogeley , the good news is that this is being considered, meaning Asana will likely develop this feature and make it available in the near future - just not clear on when exactly since Asana does not make their roadmap public.

You can see all the other product feedback requests being considered in the newly redesigned Feedback category!

I also recommend becoming an Asana Ambassador for exclusive sneak peaks to upcoming product features, events and swag. :wink:

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