Rule to update assignee based on a custom people field?

Hello! I’m creating a workflow for processes that will have different sets of stakeholders for each project that won’t be known ahead of time. I’m wondering if there’s a way to create a rule that will update the assignee of a task to a name that is inputted in another custom “people” field? It would be great to have this logic set up ahead of time to avoid having to manually update rules for each new project once stakeholders are known.


Hi @Kindra_Warren

If I am understanding correctly, this does exist!

Action: People Custom field - “Contains Any”
Trigger: Assign task to - Samer person you had in the people custom field

Please see screenshot below:

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Welcome, @Kindra_Warren,

I think you’re asking to update Assignee to the current value of a custom people-type field. I’m afraid not (yet) in native Asana, though you may be able to do this in (@Phil_Seeman).


Not yet - working on it!


It should be said that works perfectly well for setting the assignee based on a value/option of a ‘single-select’ field (instead of a ‘people’ field). All you have to do is make sure that the values/options are the people’s names and typed exactly the same as their Asana profile so that this rule works properly.

Indeed, some maintenance is required to keep the field’s values (names of people) updated manually as people are added/removed from your organisation. But that’s only until Flowsana supports the ‘People’ field as @Phil_Seeman mentions… can’t wait!