Rule 'Lightning Bolt' no longer appearing by task section headers

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Recently, the ‘Rules Lightning Bolt’ no longer appears next to the task section headers for ALL my projects. I have confirmed with other members of my team that they are experiencing this issue as well. The only place to see active rules is from the ‘Customize’ button on the top right, which does not allow you to see the rules by section or adjust workflow appropriately.

Steps to reproduce:
I tried logging in and out of Asana. As well as using the desktop application with the same results.

Browser version:
Chrome Version 120.0.6099.225

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?

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@Nicholas_Jellison I believe this is by design now rather than a bug. @Marie @Bastien_Siebman can you confirm.

Hi Danielle,

Thank you for the response. To put it frankly, I believe that if this was by design, it would make managing rules significantly harder. Section-based rules are critical within workflow management, and not having the ability to see rules categorized/grouped by section makes managing workflows significantly more challenging and time-consuming and more difficult to see a holistic view of workflow.



Hi everyone, thanks for flagging this, and apologies for the confusion. Our Developers have confirmed that this is indeed a bug, and they will fix it soon. I’ll keep you posted!


All of a sudden this afternoon I started experiencing this same issue. We highly rely on this feature to know whether a section has rule automation on it or not. In addition, when you click on “create a rule” by a section, it only offers the newer look of rule creating. Is this also a bug, @Vanessa_N ?

Hi everyone, our Developers identified two different bugs causing this issue, but the fix will be pushed very soon.

@kyle.oneal, I’ve asked the team to confirm if the new rules builder appearing when creating the rule via Section is intended or also a bug, and as soon as I hear back I’ll let you know.


Hi everyone,

I’ve just received an update from our developers, and they have addressed two issues:

  1. There was a bug causing the lightning bolt not to appear in sections with rules for many customers. I can confirm that this bug has been fixed.
  2. Our team is currently conducting an A/B test where the icon will no longer appear for any rules, regardless of whether they’re in the new or old builder.

Now that the bug has been resolved, only the spaces that are part of the A/B test won’t have the lightning bolt appearing, and unfortunately, we cannot remove spaces from the test.

I’ve shared your feedback about the impact of removing the icon on your workflows, and rest assured, this input will be considered as our team iterates on this change.

@kyle.oneal, in response to your question, the developers confirmed that the change was intentional. We did a full launch of our new rule builder last week so this will be the default for all new rules from now on. Apologies for any inconvenience!

If you have any questions, let me know!

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