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I expected that when adding a rule to the section, the rule would be visible in the section via the Lightning bolt. I have created rules in each section of my board (such as if marked complete then move ticket to another section) yet they all populate the last section on the board (my completed section)
I cannot therefore see what rule if any are being implemented as they do not refer to the section they are supposed to be attached to.
Thanks Steve

@steve.potter :wave: Welcome to the community!
Your setup should work as you describe it. Could you DM me a screenshot or video then I could double check your settings to see if we missed something.

Hi Paul

I did a man look but couldn’t find any direct messaging facilities in the forum.

So hopefully this will suffice.

As you can see the lightning bolt only appears in one section, In each section I added a couple of rules and they all appear in the completed section.

Strange thing is the rules work i.e. ALL of them at once, surely not by design.


Another image of the rules

Hi @steve.potter, thanks for following up. If there are Rules applied to each Section there should be a the lightning bolt symbol on each Section.

I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team with the project URL so that they can take a closer look at this for you.

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