Rule Names - Make Visible in Rules Panel

When I create a new rule, I’m prompted to add a name for the rule. Unfortunately that name isn’t visible anywhere. I’d assume the name of the rule would be visible under the “rules” section, but it’s not. If it’s not visible in my rules panel, it’s not useful.

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 10.58.52 AM


Actually, the name of the rule is shown in a tooltip when you briefly hover your mouse cursor over the rule in the Customize panel:



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Ah - we at least it’s somewhere! Either way, that seems like a lot of effort when it could just be easily visible in the panel, no hovering required.

Thank you for showing me! This is helpful.


Showing the name would make a lot more sense than the current situation where it shows “When 2 triggers happen →” attempt at describing it. Upvoting this, hopefully it gets more visibility now that it’s featured in Asana, show me your BUTs 🍑


Hmm, I’m not thrilled that this has been marked “solved”. While I suppose it’s nice that the name is visible somewhere, it’s still not possible to see a list of my many rules’ names. instead I just see what they do, which isn’t at all useful at a glance. I don’t want to have to hover over every single rule until I find the one I want, or have to reverse engineer which one is which based on what the rules do. That’s what names are for–they should be displayed by default.

I’d feel a lot better if there was at least some acknowledgement that there is room for improvement here.



I came to the forum today looking to see if this was a previous request and happy to see I’m not alone in the desire for this feature! We are heavy rules users (my most-used project has 26 active rules) which do require upkeep and modications. Having the rule names visible without hovering would be incredibly helpful when scrolling through to find which is impacted. Would love to see this reopened and looked into!

Yes, please make rule names visible in lieu of describing the action. In one of my boards, with 41 rules, I have many rules that are custom copies for individuals. So, there’s a bunch of rules that, without the hovering tooltip, look exactly the same.

Please change this? If people don’t give the rule a name, it can display like it always has. If we do give a rule a name, it’s because it would be helpful to see it! And right now it’s not easy to see!

I believe this is now fixed, names appear in the Rules panel