Rule-generated task w/o duplicating fields

I’m just digging into the custom rules we now have available through Premium. I’ve created a rule that will add a new task to a separate project when a custom field is set in the first project. Is there a way to do this without all the custom fields from both projects showing up in the task under the second project? The second project has its own set of custom fields that I need to manage, andI don’t want any duplicates or unnecessary fields there.

Hi @Melissa_Coates1

The custom fields will be carried out with the task. But only those who have access to both projects will see all fields.

One way to do so, is to go to project 2, and from the hide option on the main project page, you select the fields that you want to manage in this project and make them visible.

This helps reduce the noise a bit.

Another option is dependant on your workflow. You might want to consider to remove the task from project 1 at some point in your workflow. This way all the fields that were populated will be greyed out in the task and wont be editable anymore.

And one final tip:
If you have custom fields that are duplicates, I suggest removing the duplicates and keeping only one custom field used in your organisation. This way it is carried over the same regardless of the project.

Hope this helps a bit.

Thank you! This approach isn’t working right off the bat but I’ll do some experimenting to see if I can get it to work.

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There are a few things going on here.

First, as Rashad correctly points out, if you’re using local (instead of org-wide library shared) custom fields in each project, then you’ll see two copies of these fields instead of one with the value shared.

I think that may be because:

That suggestion will not affect the custom fields you see in the Task Detail pane, which is what I interpreted your request to be about.

Going from memory, I think this is only partially true. If a custom field is org-wide, you’ll see it even if you don’t have access to the project If a custom field is local, you’ll only see it if you have access to the project.



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Hi, Larry–As you suggested, I cannot hide fields that have carried over from the original project. My issue isn’t multiple copies of the “same” field, but rather that irrelevant fields are carried over, cluttering up my new task detail pane on tasks that are generated by the rule on Project 1. Natively created tasks in Project 2 only display the fields specific to Project 2, but I’d like that to be the case for all the tasks.


I’d need to know more about your workflow, but generally you shouldn’t have tasks belong to projects with custom fields that don’t apply to the task.

I agree! But these have been automatically ‘inherited’ when a rule on Project 1 creates a task in Project 2. I can’t seem to make that task creation happen without the Project 1 fields showing up in both places.

I think you should create a request in Product Feedback and vote on it, something like:

The rule action “Create a task” with the View all fields button allows you to specify other project(s) to make the task a member of, but should also permit you to remove the default current project but doesn’t. There’s no real reason why that should not have the “x” to delete just like all the other projects.



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