Rules for duplicating tasks with custom field create too many duplicates

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a rule so that when a task is created and departments are selected (custom field) to handle the task, the task would be duplicated and the duplicate task would be placed under the section for that department within the same project.

An example would be Task 1 was created and we select Dept 1 and Dept 2 for the Department. The expected outcome would be Task 1 would be an the untitled section, another Task 1 would be under Dept 1 section and the last Task 1 would be under the Dept 2 section. So 1 original task and 2 duplicate tasks under 2 different sections.

What’s happening is when I create the task and click on Dept 1 from the custom field, it creates a duplicate task in Dept 1 section, which is expected BUT when I click on Dept 2 as well, it creates another task for Dept 1 section AND a duplicate task in Dept 2.

So it appears that each time a click on something in the custom field, it runs the rules again which results in more duplicate tasks than expected.

Hope someone can help. Thanks!

Hi there!

Can you post a screenshot of the rule that you have built for this?
Also, are you on a business or enterprise level plan? They have now released the conditional rule builder for those levels and that might be a way to set this up if that’s available to you.