Revising Automated Gmail Rules: "Only _____ can edit this action"

Hi there

My team recently incorporated a Gmail Rule as an Action into one of our Asana Projects. However, when a colleague attempted to edit the action, she was met with a pop-up that said, “Only Gabriel Cortez can edit this action.” See the following picture for a screenshot

Is it currently possible for multiple users to edit the Gmail Rules within a project? If not, how do I shift permissions so that my colleague may edit Gmail Rules instead of me?

Thank you for your support!

Hi @Gabriel_Cortez , I haven’t used this integration much, but I would assume that if you deleted the Gmail action part of the rule and then have your colleague recreate it using her own Gmail credentials, then that would essentially hand over permissions of the Gmail action to her. It is a fairly simple rule, so perhaps deleting it and having her rebuild it entirely will likely be easier for both of you.

However, the triggered emails would be sent from her Gmail instead of yours - I’m not clear on if that is what you want or not.

Alternatively, you could perhaps sign in to a ‘shared’ Gmail account like info@ for example so the emails do not appear from a ‘personal’ account - but again, not entirely clear on your use case.