How can I have other users edit the automation I create?

Hey there,
I’ve been working with the automation features and having a good time with it. However, I have a doubt if someone in my team can edit the automation rules I create if I grant them the access to it.

I know that by default only the creater can edit, but would like to know if what I mentioned above is possible.


Hi @Denis_Sooma,

There’s no way to share a rule with someone else in that manner. As you indicated, only the rule’s creator can edit it.


Thanks for the answer.

It’d be a nice feature, though - to allow someone to edit if I grant them the access for it.

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Indeed, I agree. If you’d like, you can submit this as a request in the Product Feedback forum section, so people can vote for it. I’ll vote for it! :slight_smile:


Hello @Phil_Seeman,

Here it is: