Cannot edit Slack Workflow Rules if created by another user


We’ve found an issue with the Asana for Slack automation, specifically with how it relates to Workflows.

It seems that only the user who added an app to a project has the ability to create workflow actions using that app, regardless of permissions.

Admin / Owners / edit permission users cannot edit or add Slack rules if another user created a slack rule in the same workflow.

Steps to recreate:

Create a new automation
Add a Slack task to automation
Save automation
Have another user with permission try to edit that automation.
The other user can’t create or edit any slack rules, it gives the error "Only creator of rule can edit this rule.

We’ve tried checking and unchecking the “Allow other users to edit this rule” toggle. We’ve tried the other troubleshooting tips.

I know the other user can create / edit slack rules, they have created them in other boards (Which I also cannot edit, with the same issue.)

Any ideas?

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Hi @TKGT, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Could you please have the Rule owner provide a screenshot of the Rule permissions, confirming that the option for others to edit this Rule has been toggled on?

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

hi @Rebecca_McGrath thanks for your response - I am the rule owner for this workflow item.

I’ve provided the image. My colleague is the board owner on both, I am an editor on both. The difference is that on one, I created the first external-app rule, and on the other my colleague created it.

My colleague is the owner of the following rule:

Here is my view of that same rule (sorry for multiple posts, I can only embed one at a time.)

Thanks for following up, @TKGT! After some digging, I can confirm that this is expected behaviour for App Rules. Only the user who set up the App Rule will be able to edit it.

I hope this clarifies!

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