Retrieve views

Hey everyone,

As far as I understand it is currently not possible to retrieve views through the Asana API (Asana).

Are there any plans to make this available in the near future?

Hi @Will_from_Pro_Backup,

First, I don’t have any inside info on this question. Second, Asana doesn’t comment on anything they’re working on until it gets released, so any “is this feature coming?” questions are not going to have an official answer.

Having said all of the above :slight_smile: I really highly doubt you’ll see this in the near future. The Asana API is strictly data-model focused, not UI focused; adding UI-based endpoints like view info would be a major departure and my gut tells me that’s not something they’re looking to do.

But I could be wrong, one never knows…

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@Will_from_Pro_Backup what do you wish to get access to exactly? :thinking: the default view of a project is available.

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@Bastien_Siebman we’ve received user requests to back up all views & dashboards. That’s why we wanted to raise this question on the community forum :wink:

@Phil_Seeman noted! :slight_smile: Appreciate you sharing some extra context on Asana’s view.