Overview Layout as Project Default

I’d like to be able to save the Overview tab as the default view for a Project (as opposed to, for example, List or Timeline). This allows easy access to the executive summary, who the project collaborators are, relevant documents etc at the first point of entry to the project.

Great request, thanks for your feedback @Louise_Maxwell1! We are planning more updates for the Overview tab so I’ll let you know if I know more information or if this is something we will implement in the future!


The Overview tab has checked many boxes for us. We are thrilled with this update. So much that we’d like it to be a default view / starting point for anyone entering a project. Our biggest hurdle with Asana is still on-boarding and familiarizing new team members to the Asana and the ways its being used for projects. By making the Overview tab the default layout for some projects I feel like it would help reduce the slope in this learning curve.


Interesting idea, I’ll upvote.

Interesting idea on the Overview tab but Emily_Roman I need support on My Tasks and cannot find a way to talk to live person via chat or on the phone at Asana. I have serious issues with Asana for which I have sent in feedback which has not been responded to. Using this forum as my last resort to fix these issues. Thank you in advance.

I would also love to see this feature. We love the overview, in fact we’d like to see this expanded - but in the meantime, just being able to default to it would be great.