Set "Overview" tab as default layout


Is there a way to set the default layout view of a project to the “Overview” tab?

Assuming the answer to my question is no, is there any intention to enable this in the near future?
I know I can hyperlink to the overview tab, but this is only a partial solution.

In some cases, especially at the beginning of a collaborative project, you need members to land at the overview page before diving in to the tasks. At my company I find this to be the case more often than most would assume. A lot of information is stored on this page, and gets missed by members simply because they are not acclimated to using the page, therefore unaware of the Information it holds, thus creating a lineup of questioned/queries via email, slack or other platforms, of which the answer to is usually “Did you check the overview tab?”

Does anyone else find themselves in this situation?

Thank you,

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