Resource Management (meeting rooms, company cars, etc.) the Free and Easy Way in Asana

Use the Asana free version (you don’t need Premium or Business plans) to easily manage shared resources like meeting rooms, company cars, tools, equipment, etc.

In any task, like “Planning Meeting” below, add a tag like RoomA1 meaning you need the A1 meeting room resource. (Pick a unique name for each resource, like RoomA1, RoomA2, Car1, Car2, etc.)

To see all the bookings for the RoomA1 resource (e. g., to check the room’s availability) just type RoomA1 in the search box and click on the tag, then click the Calendar view tab. (Or you can save a search report in order to default the tag view to Calendar automatically):

Note that if you need to schedule by time of day (as opposed to all-day tasks only) you could do as I did above and include the start time for the resource usage at the end of the task title (like 9:30am above), and use the Due Date/Time for the end time (10:30am).

This solution is based on my post from a year ago ( and is an alternative to @Bastien_Siebman’s recent which requires Asana Business plan and the definition of external email addresses,

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This is very helpful! Thanks @lpb :clap: :smiley:

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Good idea, should be good enough for most use cases.

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Agreed, good suggestion, @lpb ! (Although not as emoji-rich as @Bastien_Siebman’s :wink:.)

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