Asana Templates for Inventory lists

My company organizes events, we have a lot of different types of materials that are constantly on the move and are in many different locations. Is there a way to use to asana to keep track of everything?

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Welcome, @anon15540997,

Asana could provide several ways to do this, but more details about who the audience is, what your use cases are and the outcomes you seek would be required before suggesting an approach.

I’m afraid that’s better done interactively in a work session, which is what some of us do with clients daily.

But since you asked, here’s one example of resource management that’s calendar-based; I suspect this is not the right solution for you, just showing an example of something similar in Asana



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Hey Larry,

Thanks for responding. To answer your question we have alot of different materials for the events we run (tables, ipads, etc.). We are looking for a system where we can have each labeled in asana and keep track of where they are and who has them. Furthermore if possible a system where people can sign them out through asana.


Maybe someone else will weigh in here, or I’m happy to consult with you on this; more info at:



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