Needing: Schedule Communication & Resource Allocation

I know that Asana now has a workload feature now, but that’s in a mildly different direction than I’m looking for with my team.

Our overview: I manage flight test activities for an aircraft company, and when it comes to crew scheduling and schedule communication back to engineering, program management, or senior leadership, I’m having trouble finding the right tool.

Our engineering teams currently use Asana for task tracking and program status, but asset and personnel tracking occurs in various separate spreadsheets on multiple sharepoints with supporting data from a SQL server. Additionally we have on Flight Ops board where some of our pilots sit, but having something web-based that can be accessed by pilots, engineers, and PMs no matter where they are would be the dream.

What I’m looking for:

A drag-and-drop calendar (which is key for use during our scheduling/coordination meetings as schedules change frequently due to weather, maintenance, crew availability, etc. that:

  • Can display custom people fields (for us that would be Primary Pilot, Secondary Pilot, and a multi-select Additional Crew - one assignee is not sufficient for our uses)
  • Color-codes by custom fields (check, Asana does this)
  • Integrates with various other platforms and is compatible with Microsoft products including the Power Suite (check, Asana does this)
  • Has a team calendar with a customizable view (not currently available)

So far Click Up can actually capture all of these but the integration piece - however, Click Up is not currently in use by my organization, and the integration really is critical.


I offered a simple approach (that even works with the free Asana Basic plan) here, based on a several-years-old Asana version:

Your needs are specific and comprehensive enough that you may want to work with an Asana Services or Solution Partner to be sure all the bases are covered, but perhaps someone will offer their assistance here.



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