Requesting feedback on a new possible integration

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been working on a new service called shreddo. It is a library where you can store your repeatable tasks for later and search for community rated workflows before you start an unfamiliar task.

It’s currently on development, but you can use your Personal Access Token in Asana to give authorization to the app and try it out:

To summarize, as a system administrator and a PhD student (Information Systems) , I have many repeatable tasks in Asana. Some of these tasks I complete on a routine (for example my fitness routine) and some others are pretty complex and completed only if they are required (for example firing up a new virtual machine, install Ubuntu Operating System, and a number of services). I have been struggling with the latter tasks. If they come up and I realize I am missing one or two pieces of information, I have to go through a number of YouTube videos and a number of blogs to solve the same problems.

I began to model these tasks in Asana, and then I wondered, what if there existed an application where I could export these tasks (as workflows), make them public, and receive comments from people who are struggling with similar problems. What if I could search for workflows shared by other people for the same problem which are rated by a number of people. I could import a community rated public workflow to my library, modify it, and it would be stored there safely. I could then export the task to Asana whenever I need it.

Then I realized, the concept can also be useful for teams and also enterprises. My institute has the most distinguished people as a workforce, yet since none of the workflows are defined, very important knowledge disappears when a research assistant or instructor leaves. In addition, what if there were workflows for “how to write a systematic review paper” or “how to complete a masters thesis in X subject”.

Here is a sample workflow that I actually use weekly when I update in production:

Since new users can’t post more than one image, I can’t put here a subtask of that workflow but it supports markdown. :sweat_smile:

Would you use this service together with Asana? Your comments and feedbacks are much appreciated.



Hi @keremkayabay,

I think this is a really interesting idea.

Can you say a bit more about how it interacts with Asana (or how you plan that it will)?

Also, if you could out some screenshots on your website, I think that’d be useful in helping to visualize the product and its usage.

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Hello @Phil_Seeman,

Very nice to hear your feedback. After reading your comment, I quickly modeled how to integrate Shreddo with Asana as a workflow. You can find it here:

I have been using Asana with David Allen’s GTD methodology. If something comes up and I can’t give my attention to it immediately, I fire up my mobile phone and create a new task in Asana, and done. If it is in my email, I just forward the mail to If it is in whatsapp, I quickly export the task to Asana. The task stays under Recently Assigned until I can process it and organize it under a project.

Accordingly, I imagine if a task is required from me, and it is already in my library in Shreddo, I can just export the task to Shreddo, and it would arrive under “Recently Assigned”.

Another use case would be, if I complete a task in Asana and find it useful to add the task to my library for later reference, I can just export the task to Shreddo with notes and subtasks.

Hope these use cases are explanatory. I will also put some screenshots to the website as you have suggested.

Back in August I noted to re-read your product description. I am the founder of and was wondering if your tool is somehow similar, which means it is a way to share projects with others?

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman,

Analyzing Templana, there are similarities between the services we provide. You also provided a small bio of yourself on, and I believe there are also similarities between you and me in terms of how we utilize Asana to manage our daily life :sweat_smile:. I recently modeled how I use Asana to implement GTD in Shreddo which you can find it on Shreddo. (For some reason I cannot put a link here.)

Anyway, instead of templates, I want to focus on workflows concentrating on collaboration and crowdsourcing aspects. These workflows can be used on their own, or can be exported to a favorite project management application. Asana is currently my favorite project management application so I’ve implemented that connection to solve my first problem which was creating a library for my tasks in Asana for later use.

Thank you for pointing out Templana and hope we can find ways to collaborate in the future!

I wish this idea, and wished it was simply a feature of Asana. Since it is not, I follow your progress into making it a reality.