Reports for a specific task, multiple projects

Hello, our organization has many coinciding projects and we run asana reports to keep track of incomplete tasks. Is there a way to narrow down a report to see if one specific task is completed? It is in all of the projects in the report.


Hi @Melissa_Schank ,

Welcome to the forum! How many task types will you need to do this for, and are you creating projects from template(s)?

One option that you could consider is using a custom field that is preset (in the template) for each specific task type (e.g., have a single-select field with options that correspond to your task names). This wouldn’t be viable if you are either a) not using project templates or b) want to do this reporting for many different types of tasks (there’s a limit for custom field options).

Another option would be using saved searches instead of the reporting features (i.e. search for your keyword, apply any other filters). Doing this would not allow you to have the charts you get in a dashboard and you’d need a separate saved search for each task type, so probably not that scalable.

Curious if others here have other thoughts/ideas.

If the Task has a detailed and unique name, then you can put that name in the search bar, and get a list of Tasks that either match or roughly match that search phrase. However, it is a very blunt search, as it seems there is no option to search for a specific string, as opposed to a list of terms. There should be a specialized search option for the literal task name, but I don’t believe there is.

Overall, if you can make Stephen’s idea work for you, that might be your best bet.

Welcome, @Melissa_Schank,

I might be reading your question differently than the others who have replied here.

First, by “reports” do you mean:

  • visual charts in a dashboard or visual charts in universal reporting, or
  • saved advanced search results reports?

I think the simplest approach is for you to use the latter (if you’re on any paid plan), “star” your search results to name and save it as a favorite in the sidebar, but before you do that, make sure that the sort applied is not “Projects.” If you’re using any other sort, you will only show multi-homed tasks as a single search result line; if you instead sort by Projects then each instance of multi-homing for a task will appear separately within each project heading, even though there’s really only one underlying task.




Hi Stephen, it is only for one task, and we create the project from a template. I will look into changing the field for the certain task in the template for our future projects.

I didn’t know about the starring the search. That works best for us now because it would be too much work to go back and customize the field for every task.

Thanks for your help!

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thanks for your help! searching for the task and starring the results seems to work for us now.

By reports, I mean visual charts in the universal reporting tab under insights.

The starring of search results works for now, thanks for your input!

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