Create report that lists tasks in multiple projects

Our team is trying to create a report where we can list tasks feeding into several projects.
We have found there is a disconnect in the team since we are all working in our individual projects.

Sometimes a task requires us to reach out to customers and our customers prefer we consolidate the ask instead of individual planners reaching out to them about essentially the same thing (but different projects).

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I am not sure if your team is creating duplicates of the same task, or if they are working on different tasks for the same customer and they are basically “spamming” the customer because each one is reaching out individually, I tend to believe the latter is your case.

In either case, the solution is the multihoming function of Asana.

With this feature the same exact task can live in multiple projects. So everyone will still be able to work from their individual projects, but you will also have all of the tasks for one customer in one project because they can be multi-homed there.

You will definitely need to create a convention with the team, e.g. you can create a project dedicated to consolidating the input for one customer, so they multihome their tasks to this consolidation project and who is in charge of reaching out to the customer can work off this project.

Does this help?


Thank you for your quick reply and I appreciate the input.
Yes, we are multi-homing the task as you mention which is helpful but wondering if we could create a report of those tasks that are multi-homed so we can quickly connect the dots during our weekly Stand-up meetings. This way we can identify the multi-homed project and when we reach out to the customer we can say “We are requesting this item for this project but I know you are also working with XXX on a different project with the similar ask”.

Gotcha ya! :slight_smile:

The way I would approach it is to have a central project where all of these tasks are added, in this central project, activate the “Projects” custom field, which will show all of the other projects where the task is multihomed and if required export a CSV using the export function.

If everyone follows your advice and diligently adds the tasks in this central project, you can either use the project during the stand-up meeting or create your report in Excel if you need to.

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If you know the projects you’re looking for, create and save an advanced search report using:

So, specify the two projects in the “In all these projects” field. That will be your report. Save it and it will appear in your sidebar. Share the link and others can do the same. It will be refreshed every time you look at it.

The report will also include subtasks of tasks that are in both projects. If you want to exclude subtasks, you can add that criterion too from the Add filter > More menu.


Thank you! This helps a lot! I appreciate your suggested solution.

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