Need help managing multiple projects



We’re using projects in Asana like Epics. Within the projects are tasks and subtasks (that can be difficult to find). We have summary projects for our sprints and roadmap planning. We’re running into various visibility issues though with all the projects. Any thoughts on the following?

  • If a task has more than 2 projects+tags, an ellipsis is displayed. It appears that the selection of which 2 to show is determined by sorting the projects and tags alphabetically and sorting projects before tags. This limitation makes it difficult to visually scan a list of tasks for ones that are in other projects.

  • Sections are disconnected across projects. There’s a “Needs Review” section in multiple projects, but moving a task into “Needs Review” in one place doesn’t do anything in the other place. Any way to link?

  • The swimlane (section) of the summary sprint project is not displayed in other list projects, but you can see and edit the swimlane (section) by opening the task. Any ideas on how to surface this more without creating sections that are not linked?

We’re playing with the idea of just creating a custom field for status and then just manually updating that for each tasks, but seems very manual.



  1. You currently can’t change the design, unless doing custom design tweaks (which I can help with). But displaying more tags/projects will result in showing less of the title.
  2. If a task lives in multiple projects (multi homing), moving the task somewhere won’t affect it somewhere else.
  3. I don’t understand what is a swimlane.

A custom field for a status is a good idea. Did you know that if you select multiple tasks, you can change the status of all at once?

Also if you want to see all tasks “Needs review” for example, you should be able to create a advanced search for tasks in project A-B-C and column “Needs review” and save it as a report.

Delegate tasks to a virtual assistant in Asana :computer:


Thanks for the feedback Bastian. Is there a way to make saved reports public or are they just individual to each user? I can’t find a way to do this, but could be missing something.


You can export the report URL, share it with someone and when they open it they can save it :+1: