Removing Attachment Preview from Board



Is there a way to remove the preview of attached files from tasks on the board? For our purposes, it’s a lot easier to just see the task titles on the board because most of our attachments are simple reference materials, pdfs of specs, or rough sketches that take up a lot of space on the board making it feel cluttered.


Hi @Joanna_Cortez,

At this time it is not possible to remove the preview of attached files from tasks on a board. However, I’ve moved your post to the product feedback category in case other visitors are interested in the same thing!



I have the same request. For longer lists the previews start to bury the tasks that I want to see.


This is a must-have for me. I’m trying to get my team off the ground using Asana for development project management, but the visual noise caused by the previews and the fact they aren’t configurable is making it really hard to use with the number of tasks that flow through our boards. Most of the time our attachments are specs, mockups or detailed designs that aren’t valuable to display on the board to begin with. I really like the board view as it makes Asana much more viable for our use, but this alone is proving to be a blocker to getting buy-in from my organisation.

What would solve my problem is a way to toggle previews on or off for a given board. Even if it were a global option for the whole org, that would still go a long way. Being able to remove previews per task would be a nice to have but not crucial.


Thank you for letting me know and getting the conversation started. Toggling attachment previews off in the board view would be awesome functionality to have.


That would indeed be really great ! Even if it is only available in the “Hacks” section for a while.


Totally agree! Vote for this feature request above.


“Visual noice” is the keyword here. Totally agree. Make sure to upvote this feature request above.


You can do it now. It’s under the drop down menu.


Just found it. Yeah, manually, each and every time. At least it’s possible now though. There should be a global setting for the Project though, like Trello has.


The board looks a lot cleaner and there is a lot less scrolling down with all the attached previews gone. Thanks


Totally agree… but I wish there was a default option to just stop it from happened at all. It’s annoying to have to turn it off for each and every individual card in Board view.


That’s really fantastic. Agree with Chris, would be a great enhancement to be able to do it globally or per-board, but this genuinely goes a long way to solving a major problem for me. Very helpful addition.


Agreed. Initially, I wanted a way to not add attachments when emails are sent to asana because our signatures caused 7 separate attachments but the issue is because it shows on the comments. if we remove that, then we wouldn’t need the option to not add attachments via emails. Please vote more because there are only 3 votes even though there are several comments.