Removing 2 members and now I can't track lost tasks

We don’t use organization. When I removed 2 members from the workspace (with few tasks assigned before), now I can’t keep track which tasks is whose since the assignee was now empty. Is there a way for me to track ‘lost tasks’?

When you remove a member I thought that created a project with their tasks :thinking: @Marie this is not the case?

Yes Bastien this is the case (at least in organization, not sure for workspaces).
A project with all the tasks is created but only accessible to the one who suppressed the account. @Leonarce are you the one who deleted the account?

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Hi there @Leonarce :wave:t4: Thank you so much for posting your question on the Forum and sorry to hear about your troubles with this.

Workspaces function a bit differently than Organizations in Asana. As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned in Organizations when an admin removes a user they receive a project link containing all of the removed user’s tasks.

In Workspaces, the tasks still exist but as you mentioned will no longer have an assignee.

If you actually go into one of these tasks in the task history are you seeing any names populate? This might be a good way to see the activity of the task and might include the previous assignee as well.

Let me know if this works for you, if not we can continue to troubleshoot this together.

Looking forward to your reply! :blush:

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Hi @Cathya
In organization, the tasks still exist.
A project is created with all the tasks, but the tasks still belong to their original project. I have deprovisioned a lot of people and we always keep the tasks, they are just unassigned.
The Asana Guide also mentions that behavior:

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Yes I was the one who deleted their account. Reason is because not everyone have organization domain. Sometimes we have freelancer working on certain projects and they use Gmail instead. I’m expecting a better UX in the future where user who remove the account can choose to assign the tasks to someone else or other options.

The tasks still remains available but without assignee, this is hard for me since there are lots of projects and some tasks are intended created without assignee. That made it hard for me to sort things out

Thus you didn’t receive in your MyTasks a task called “Consider delegating…”?
@Cathya Automatic creation of a project when deprovisionning someone is specific to organizations? This is not the case for workspaces?

Thanks for looping me in @Julien_RENAUD.

The automatic creation of a project when someone is removed is only available in Organizations at this time. To confirm this is not the case for Workspaces.

Hope this helps!

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