Remove zero data from charts

The new charts are great, but it would a great improvement to be able to filter out where there is no data.

I have column chart grouping on a custom field, but it includes every custom value on the X-axis even though many have no data.

HI @Stephen_McGrath,

Our team pushed an update last night to allow you to filter our columns with no data on your X-axis! See a demo from my account below: (9)

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s nice.

To be clear, this is a manual intervention that needs to be done every time the data changes, to remain up to date. Next step would be an automatic filter that excludes zero values.

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@Stephanie_Oberg I was going to suggest you upvote The ability to dynamically hide null values on the x-axis of a Custom Chart but it appears you have :blush:

Hi @Marie_OoO

Thank you for the update, much appreciated.

I like the feature but I was looking for something more dynamic. I have a project I use to track the status of quoted work by client (a custom field). I want to see the value of the open quotes by clients but as the list of is quite long and not every client has active quotes at all times, it requires me to constantly change the filters.



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