Dashboard Filter operator for not set values

Hello. It would be great to have another operator in the filter for a dashboard chart on a custom field for “none set”.
Use case: I want that all tasks gets a value from a customer field assigned. To monitor how many tasks do not yet have an assigned value, I wanted to create a chart in the dashboard counting the tasks which have not set any value of a custom field.

Using “Filter” on the chart allows the operators: “is exactly these”, “is all of these”, “is exactly these”. But then i can only select a provided value. I would like to filter on “is nothing of these” to know how many tasks still have to be assigned to smth.

All the best!

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Timo_Plichta! I will let you know if we have any updates about this feature. Hopefully we can implement it in the future!