Project dashboard custom charts - filter out sections entirely instead of just tasks within sections

@Marie Thanks for the quick reply.
I can understand if b) is expected behavior, i.e. the graphs just can’t handle more than a small amount of data.
Can you respond specifically to a), that the filtering doesn’t work? To be clear – it seems to be filtering the data points, but it’s not applying that same filter the X-axis, so I get a bunch of sections listed with no data. That seems like it’s broken to me.

Hi @Katie_Kendle,
Just to confirm have you clicked on “Save” after unticking Sections?

@Marie Yes I did!

I’ve tried to reproduce this in my end and I’m observing the same behaviour. I believe this is currently an expected behaviour where the filtering option filters tasks from sections, but not the sections themselves, but I’ll file a task with our team to confirm!

@Jerod_Hillard, i’m curious, is this an issue you came across?

@Marie yes, this is one of the things I provided feedback on through the product feedback link. I believe that there should be an option (checkbox) whether to plot items on the x-axis that have no results. Given the limited number of items on the x-axis, I could see where many users would be interested to only show those with “non-zero” results.

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Thank you @Jerod_Hillard, i’m moving these last few replies to a brand new #productfeedback thread so we can keep track of feedback and votes for this specific request!


Hi all, I just got confirmation this is something our team is looking to fix in the upcoming weeks! I’ll keep you posted here as soon as it is the case!

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They are looking to filter out unchecked sections (in addition to tasks within unchecked sections being filtered out already) but are they allowing to “not plot null values”?

Mmm I’m not sure to understand what your mean by “are they allowing to “not plot null values”?” @Jerod_Hillard :face_with_monocle: Can you maybe reformulate so I can better understand your question? :see_no_evil: Thanks!

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Sorry. I’m just asking about the statement I made below:

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@Marie, just want to make sure I’m clear on this so attempting to restate as requested. Is the team working to:

  • Filter out sections uncheck
  • Option to hide sections that have no results that are checked <<< “not plot null valves”


Hi @Jerod_Hillard and @Katie_Kendle :wave:t3:

As of yesterday, our team has pushed an update to filter out unchecked sections from your charts. See a demo from my account below: (9)

I hope this answers your question, but please let me know if I can help with anything else!

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