Adding Section filter to report removes all data

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I set up a chart in Reporting to count only Milestones in a certain project & whether they are complete or incomplete. When I add a filter based on Section, the chart is blank.

Steps to reproduce: locate a project with tasks which have some milestones within their subtasks. In Reporting, add a chart -

  • Include tasks from specific project
  • X axis = completion status
  • Y axis = task count
  • Filters: task type = milestones only, subtasks = subtasks only
    This yields results.
    Adding a Section filter makes the chart go blank, even if all sections are selected (see 3rd image)

Browser version: Chrome Version 98.0.4758.82 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:

Hello @Katie_Kendle

hm so you selected to only show subtasks and then when you added the last filter regarding sections no tasks show.

One thing I can think of is that subtasks don‘t belong to any project by default so this might be the reason.

Can you try removing the subtask filter to see what happens then?

Basically try setting up the same graph just with main tasks and not subtasks and let us know what happens

@Andrea_Mayer interesting question. I played around with the filters some more.

To answer your question, just removing the Subtask filter, leaving the Milestone & Section filters, still gives me a blank graph.

This led me to the following experiment:
When there are no filters, I’ve got 952 Completed tasks & 361 Incomplete tasks.
When I add just the Section filter, but select all sections (including Tasks not in a Section), I would expect this to give me the same result, but instead it shows 115 Completed & 115 Incomplete.

Hm this is very strange indeed.

I recommend reaching out to support to look into this as they have more tools and also insight to your account so they will be able to better assist.

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Thanks for reporting this @Katie_Kendle! I just had a look but I was unable to reproduce this issue on my end. As @Andrea_Mayer mentioned, our support team will be able to look into this further and see more details. When you contact them, please share the URL of this thread so you don’t need to send all this information again.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!

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