Sub Task Count changes based on filter applied to project

I like the fact that next to the main task you can view the number of sub tasks .
The issue is here , when i view my list of tasks without filtering and without sorting , the number of sub tasks indicates the number of incomplete sub tasks . However, when i create some sort of filter ,the number of tasks shown changes, it counts all the tasks , including those completed.

This does not make sens. in my opinion the counter should always show the number of incomplete sub tasks. I would even suggest to have both the incomplete tasks and total tasks . For example if you have a total of 10 tasks 5 of which are still incomplete the counter should appear as follows 5/10 ( 5 incomplete tasks/10 total tasks)

Hi @Ernest_Camilleri and thanks for reaching out! This behavior is intentional, you can learn more about it in the following announcement: You can now see and action subtasks directly from your Project task list!

We appreciate your feedback and I’ll make sure to update this thread if we ever decide to change this behavior, although it is unlikely at the moment.

Have a great Monday!

I read your post on behavior but its still not behaving correctly. My filter is set on Incomplete tasks , but it is counting all tasks .

I have 9 tasks (including the Headings) one of which is complete. So the total that should appear as 5 and not 9

Then i removed the filter (by week) and also the sorting (Week number) (none of these is related to Complete or Incomplete tasks) but i did not touch the “incomplete task” Filer. In reality since the incomplete task filter was unchanged the result should be the same. However as you can note from the below screen shot the counter is now reading 5 (as it should be)

Hope this clarifies the problem and gives you more info to solve the bug.

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