The ability to dynamically hide null values on the x-axis of a Custom Chart

In a previous #announcements:product-launches such as this one: Project dashboard custom charts - filter out sections entirely instead of just tasks within sections - #12, there were mentions of being able to filter out Sections within charts. This enhancement now removes the Section from the x-axis where as before it only removed the tasks associated with the Section (the Section itself still remained in the x-axis). This is great!

However, personally I would love an option for the user to decide whether to plot null values on the x-axis. I envision this being another checkbox within the configuration of each chart.

While it can be useful to manually select which options to show, I believe the functionality to hide items from the x-axis can be enhanced with the ability to remove empty sections WITHOUT having to uncheck them.

As with the sample GIF from the link above, if the box I’m describing was checked then Section 3 wouldn’t show on the x-axis whether the section was checked or not (because this section currently holds no values). This would allow charts to dynamically change as sections hold values preventing users from having to customize each time section values change.

Thanks @Jerod_Hillard!

I’ve also shared your note with our product team to consider in the future!