Expand charts x-axis limit for dashboards / reporting

I’m diving into the new reporting feature and have hit a bit of an issue with the limit on the x-axis for how many data points can be displayed. (Demo video below.) The “expanded” view for a chart will only show 18 items on the x-axis and the non-expanded view is based on the window size. I can make my window really large and see more than 18 items, which then gets worse when I expand the view. It is also frustrating that the Download Image option literally downloads the current view you are seeing, and not a view of all of the data.

Some ideas or ways to solve this:

  • Auto-hide items with a zero value Remove zero data from charts - #5 by Stephanie_Oberg

  • Allow sorting of the x-axis by value (most-first and/or least-first)

  • Allow download image or download data to download an image of all of the data and/or a CSV of the data displayed in the chart

  • When clicking “+10 more”, show a horizontal scroll bar. I’d rather an ugly UI that lets me see all of my data than have a pretty UI that hides important metrics

Demo of my issues Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I’m trying to use custom fields to generate reports, but I’m running into this sizing issue with a lot of our custom fields. Thanks

Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback, @Anthony_Tamalonis!

I’ll pass this on to our Product team and keep you in the loop on any updates :slight_smile:

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Excellent suggestions, @Anthony_Tamalonis. I voted and hope these are addressed.



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