Full Chart Display on Dashboards

Hi, I have a chart with ~20 categories, and the chart won’t display all of them even when the window is expanded.

View when window is expanded:

As you can see, there’s still a “5 more” option on the right bottom corner, but when I press on it, it just goes to the list of tasks instead of expanding the chart.
Would be great to have an option which shows all the data still in a chart view, or to have an option to filter out automatically categories that have 0 tasks in them
(Manually “unticking” some of the categories won’t help here, because the whole point is to keep track of new tasks coming in…)

Thank you

Hi @Yaara_Barak, welcome to our Forum community! You bring up a good point; thank you for your feedback and ideas. I have often wanted the ability to have charts go into an expanded view to list more entries as well. I voted for your feature request. Hopefully this can be added in time. :+1:

I have alo voted for your case and adding to it. Hopefully all can be addressed at the same time.
I have a similar chart with more than 100 options. I hope that there is no limitation to the number of options. Not all the options are used all the time so it would be good to suppress the options in a chart where there is no value against. Blank options are cluttering the charts which I cannot use easily.
I don’t want to export values to Excel to generate charts.

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