Expand reporting charts to show all data categories

if you have too many categories within a custom field, breaking down a reporting chart by that custom field results in data being cut off. We would like to be able to expand a chart to show all data, or at least be able to download a view including all data.

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Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Hey @Lana_Kleiner-Kanter :wave:

You have my vote :slight_smile: (also don’t forget to cast yours on top left, it’s not automated when you post an article)

Meanwhile, a possible workaround:
If there are too many “categories”, you could consider adding a filter (on “categories”) and creating different versions of your chart.
For example:

  • Project Y categories 1 to 10
  • Project Y categories 10 to 20

Hope that helps

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We can’t mark workaround as solutions, but this is definitely the solution at the moment :slight_smile:

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I marked @Arthur_BEGOU’s helpful workaround as a solution with the added disclaimer line.



This is helpful! Would still love to be able to see all data in one chart, but this a great workaround for now. Thanks @Arthur_BEGOU

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The limited graph visuals in Asana is a massive downer. Its even more disappointing when you find the ‘Download Image’ button doesnt solve it either.

It makes reporting very difficult and tedious, as I have to redraw the graphs myself in other programs.

Please improve this feature guys!!.

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