Dashboard graph for more than a few sections - expandable?

The graph for Incomplete Tasks by Section would be great… if it showed more than a few sections! Or at least let me filter: all the sections I want to see are lower in the list, so they don’t appear in the dashboard. :frowning:

Don’t forget to upvote your suggestion @Katie_Kendle! :wink:

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It is really weird that Discourse doesn’t upvote by default your own post, I bet 99% of people don’t! @Marie @Emily_Roman maybe that is a setting somewhere?

I don’t believe so unfortunately, but I’ll double-check with Discourse to be sure!

@Marie, @Bastien_Siebman, I’m sure there are cases of others (admins) adding #productfeedback posts on behalf of others so I don’t think that would be an appropriate default.


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Good point @lpb

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Hi all! :wave: :slight_smile:

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